Recall Ruminate Respond

Step 1 – Recall

  • First Pray – Ask God to help you memorize the new verse.
  • Now just relax and listen to one of the Scripture Recall “Tunes” casually throughout your normal week. As you’re listening (and hopefully singing along) the verse will effortlessly move from your “short term” to your “long term” memory.
  • After only a few days you’ll be ready for Step 2.

Step 2 – Ruminate

Ruminate Pic

  • What in the world is “ruminating”?
    According to Webster’s it means “ to bring up and chew again what has already been chewed and swallowed”. Basically “Chewing the Cud” just like the cows and camels do, to get all the “juicy truth” out of a verse.
  • Pray – Ask God to give you insight into the truths found in the verse.
  • Recall the verse and say it out loud without singing.
  • Read the verse in it’s context. Read the entire chapter in which it is found. Maybe even the chapter before and after.
  • Now let’s CHEW on it!
    • C – Cross References
    • H – Highlight Key Words
    • E – Examine with Questions
    • W – Word it Personally
    Cross References – do any of the words or phrases remind you of other passages?
    Highlight Key Words – stop and ponder the key words one at a time.
    Examine with Questions – Who, What, When, Where, Why, How?
    Word it Personally – Use personal pronouns, “I, Me, Myself, etc.” or even insert YOUR name

Ruminating does take a little time, but oh, the rich blessings you will receive as you and God talk through it together. Your prayer life will slowly change, too!

Step 3 – Respond

  • Pray and ask God how you should now respond to what He has taught you. “Should I think or act differently?”
  • Encourage others by sharing the verse (and some insights) with your friends. Use it as you share with unbelievers, too.
  • Add the Scripture Recall Plan™ to your weekly Bible Study.

Start a new group focusing on the 3 R’s of “Recalling, Ruminating and Responding” by using the Scripture Recall Plan™

What verses will you learn next?